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ID: 10558
Updated by: [email protected]
Reported By: demon dot gene at gmail dot com
Summary: Extra Leading Space in Sourcode View
Status: Verified
Type: Bug
Package: PhpDocumentor
Operating System: WinXP
Package Version: CVS
PHP Version: 5.1.6
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

Had revisited this bug, and noticed another problem due to this bug:
all the docblock lines that begin with "*" lose their leading space
before the "*". So, the multiline indented TODO value is wreaking
double havoc...

Previous Comments:

[2008-03-31 09:16:43] ashnazg

Verified this bug still exists in v1.4.2 on PHP 5.2.5.


[2007-05-31 17:07:27] jeichorn

At some point were going to have to refactor that code so it can be
reasonably tested (and understood).

Patch wise I think your going to have to detect tabs to make things


[2007-05-31 16:53:40] ashnazg

!@#$%^... looks like this patch is stripping a space off a tag's
description text. I'm not sure why this wasn't evident to me when first
developing the patch, unless it's due to the tags in question (class
docblock for clone.inc.php) having indention spaces themselves, whereas
my test file docblock tags did not have indention spaces.

This patch isn't going to suffice.


[2007-05-31 16:13:01] ashnazg

Started to build a test suite for HighlightParser->getInlineTags()
method, but there is proving to be too much object setup required, and I
can't deal with it all very well on my one 1024x768 laptop screen... I'm
missing my second monitor right about now. I got the test suite file
started, with three very simple tests in it, though I couldn't get far
enough to build a test specifically covering this bug condition.

Greetings from the beach!


[2007-05-31 16:10:58] ashnazg

Looks like a trailing space on the docblock "*" per-line marker
(" * ") was colliding with a fully intact description text
with all its leading space padding ("&nbps; &nbspTEXT"). Had to
add a check to ensure that when given a pure text string (no tags in
it), and that string had more than one leading space ("hmmm, leading
spacesmust be for lining up indented text"), then we have to prevent the
trailing space in "&nbsp*&nbps;" from overspacing the TEXT indention by


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