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ID: 14097
Updated by: daniel.oconnor@gmail.com
Reported By: kieser at biomedpark dot de
Summary: Multiple INCLUDE on one line don't work -- wrong
-Status: Open
+Status: Feedback
Type: Bug
Package: HTML_Template_IT
Operating System: OS-independent
Package Version: 1.2.1
PHP Version: Irrelevant
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

-Status: Open
+Status: Feedback
We need a reproduce script, works for us.

carlos says:
"Bug #14097 I can´t reprocude anymore. I've ben using the call method
listed above.
My IT.php version is IT.php,v 1.20 2006/08/17 15:47:22 dsp Exp"

Previous Comments:

[2008-08-11 09:09:38] narcisradu

To solve this problem use U modifier at line 933:

"#<!-- INCLUDE (.*) -->#Uime", "\$this->getFile('\\1')", $content


[2008-06-06 09:15:46] jockie

Having more than one <!-- INCLUDE --> per template line results in none
of those templates being loaded. Seems to be a problem of the RegExp
used in HTML/Template/IT.php function getFile

Test script:
<div id="somelayer"><!-- INCLUDE layer.tpl --></div><div
id="somelayerIE6"><!-- INCLUDE layerIE6.tpl --></div>

Expected result:
Both INCLUDE comments replaced by their corresponding file's contents

Actual result:
Neither first nor second INCLUDE is actually done for that line


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