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ID: 13587
Comment by: uwe@mesecke.net
Reported By: positron at gmx dot ch
Summary: relay params like "NOTIFY=SUCCESS,FAILURE"
Status: Open
Type: Feature/Change Request
Package: Mail
Operating System: SuSe 10.2
Package Version: 1.1.14
PHP Version: 5.2.0
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

I added a patch that makes parameters for rcptTo() possible. This patch
is based on the current beta 1.2.0b2 as there is now a method
addServiceExtensionParameter() for setting parameters for the mailFrom()

I changed addServiceExtensionParameter() so you can set the command to
which you want to add the parameter: mail-from for mailFrom() (which is
the default) or rcpt-to for rcptTo().

I have not tested the patch because I don't have a spare system at the
moment but the change is fairly simple. Feedback is welcome... ;)

Previous Comments:

[2009-08-10 20:31:51] schmuwi

The following patch has been added/updated:

Patch Name: rcptTo-params-1.2.0
Revision: 1249932711


[2008-04-12 12:23:30] alex2000

I want simple to use a send() - method of Mail_smtp - class and have a
chance to set the extra params, that can be give to a rcptTo() - method
of Net_SMTP - class.

To extend a Mail_smtp class and reimplemend a send() - method is a good
and clean idea, but I hope that this possibility will be implemented in
future (to get the extra param on a send() - method).



[2008-04-06 03:19:21] doconnor

Alexander; I'm not sure I understand your problem.

You want to pass in extra params to:



Or you want some kind of configuration option to allow a default
setting for $params in the Mail_smtp driver?

As an interim workaround, why not make a wrapper driver?

class Mail_smtp_notify extends Mail_smtp {
/** reimplemented send() method here which obeys your expected
defaults */


[2008-04-04 07:31:35] alex2000


, line 204 anybody have to place 4th parameter like $params and at the
line 282 instead $this->_smtp->rcptTo($recipient) have to write
$this->_smtp->rcptTo($recipient, $params) or somethins like that.

Because I need this optional notify - flags and have to change it each
time manually :(

Can anybody do it for the next relase - or maybe another solution /way
for the same problem.



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