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I have a quick little script that I'd like to submit, but I don't know
what category to put it in.

The script is called and is available at

It basically attempts to parse an XML file and displays where in the
file the first well-formedness error resides (if there is one).

It serves as a quick check of XML data without wrapping a parser
yourself or wading through the output of XML::Parser's debug output.

Although I'm usually reluctant to suggest XML as a category for
scripts/modules that use XML as an underlying file format, in this
case I think it may be justified. The script only tests the XML file
format, it doesn't do anything with the data and it builds nothing
on top of the XML. It just performs a well-formedness check.

I would appreciate any input on the script.

G. Wade
Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system
of government.

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