I've got a number of scripts I'd like to publish. The closest existing
category is Unix/System_administration, but they aren't really specific
to system administration. Here are some examples:

create-unique exclusively create a file with a name like one given
dedup find and remove duplicate files
dunk like du but doesn't include size of subdirs
maybe-page run cat if output is < terminal size, pager otherwise
mv-unique mv which chooses dest name not to overwrite target
perl-rename enhanced version of Larry's rename
stderr-die exit non-zero if a program outputs to stderr
tarcp enhanced version of Larry's tarcp

I'd like to suggest a new category which would better fit tools like
this. I don't have any strong feelings about what it should be named.
Since there's CGI and CGI/Filter, how about adding UNIX as a category on
its own?

Roderick Schertler

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postedSep 24, '00 at 3:36p
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