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sorry for waiting so long with writing this announcent.
As some of you probably know I volunteered to host the next
Perl QA Hackathon on Berlin.

If you have any feedback from the last hackathon which could
improve the next one please post.

I've never attended a hackathon, but I'll try my best to organize
something that all attendees feel comfortable.
Andreas König is helping me =)

For invitations I think I'll do the same as BooK did.
I put together a list of 10 people mainly by counting the
number of times attending a QA.

For the date:
We decided to start with April 16-19 or March 19-22 as possible
dates. Please tell me if you think there is a better date.

It seems difficult to find a cheap venue; at the moment we're
estimating 4000¤-6000¤ for 4 days.
If you know a company wanting to sponsor us please talk to me.


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