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When running /t/harness on Windows, no matter how many test jobs I
select in the env var, never more than 2 of the left most % progress
things change, the others % things never get updated and remain as "0/?"
always. Also my CPU on my 8 core never goes above 10%. I think this has
to do with TAP::Parser::Multiplexer. Usually the harness perl process
has 1 child process open in Process Explorer, but sometimes when there
is rapid process turn (where the .t took less than 1 sec to run) it
might be parallel.

I've tried stepping through _aggregate_parallel in TAP::Harness and
TAP::Parser::Multiplexer and Multiplexer uses select() somehow on *nix
but I dont understand how to implement a Windows specific fix to allow
parallel testing to work, or the overall OOP heavy API design of TAP.
I'd like to try to get parallel testing working on Windows, but I need
help understanding how TAP the module's API works.

I did some hacking in Multiplexer with
=head2 Instance Methods

=head3 C<add>

   $mux->add( $parser, $stash );

Add a TAP::Parser to the multiplexer. C<$stash> is an optional opaque
reference that will be returned from C<next> along with the parser and
the next result.


sub add {
     my ( $self, $parser, $stash ) = @_;

     my @handles = $parser->get_select_handles;
         use Devel::Peek;
         use Win32API::File;
         use Win32::API;
         Win32::API::More->Import('kernel32.dll', 'BOOL WINAPI
GetNamedPipeInfo(HANDLE hNamedPipe,
LPDWORD lpFlags,
LPDWORD lpOutBufferSize,
LPDWORD lpInBufferSize,
LPDWORD lpMaxInstances
         my %h;
( $h{Flags},
         $h{MaxInstances}) = (0,0,0,0);
         $h{ret} = GetNamedPipeInfo(Win32API::File::GetOsFHandle($handles[0])
         use Data::Dumper;
         print Dumper(\%h);

and $handles[0] was a Win32 Named Pipe, so in theory a non-blocking or
asynchronous (read() returns control back to you immediately, but keeps
the memory buffer around until the read transaction is done, you find
out another way when the transaction is done with the buffer) or polling
) IO is available.

Another idea is to open() multiple child perl test procs, and <> the
oldest child perl test proc in TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process in FILO.
With this idea it will sometimes and erratically be parallel, but it is
better than 100% serial.

3 related commits to the problem,
by AndyA

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