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I have committed a small set of changes to the svn repository, here are
the details:

For sake of consistency throughout all the tests, I have set the
she-bang line on all to be:

#!perl -w

NOTE: I have not removed any instances of $^W=1 in the tests although
it really is no longer needed.

I have set up the following tests to utilize the 'skip_all' option in

05thrclone.t << skips if there is no thread support
41prof_dump.t << skips if DBI::PurePerl
42prof_data.t << skips if DBI::PurePerl
50dbm.t << skips if cannot find any DBM modules
60preparse.t << skips if DBI::PurePerl

I have tested this modules with prove as well as make test and even
under a fresh build. Let me know though if you see any weirdness here.

NOTE: The following still need to be converted to use 'skip_all' in
some way, they are not as simple as the above modules, so this is not
yet complete.


Again, let me know if you find any issues with my upload.



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  • Stevan little at May 12, 2004 at 8:22 pm
    I have commited several revisions and additions to the 03handle.t test
    file to the SVN repository. They are detailed as follows:

    - increased number of tests from 68 to 101
    - added tests to check conditions/assumptions prior to running
    groups of tests,
    which compliment the testing of those conditions/assumptions that
    already being
    done after running groups of tests. (Basically added pre-conditions
    to match
    any post-conditions already being tested)
    - testing contents of arrays with 'eq_set' (unordered check) as
    much as possible
    to augment the existing testing of those array counts.
    - tested DB handle destruction by testing the Driver's Kids
    at the end of every test block
    - made sure all tests had names/descriptions
    - changed tests to use 'cmp_ok' where appropriate
    - cleaned up some variable usage
    - changed all object comparisons to use is/isnt
    - changes any comparisons to 'undef' to 'ok(!defined ...' construct
    - added SKIP blocks where appropriate
    - some of the tests were running for DBI::PurePerl, but were
    passing almost
    by coincidence rather than for any legitimate reason, those tests
    are now
    skipped so as to avoid false positives



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