Here's some questions I'd like to pose to the group:

(1) What key features you think should be in some sort of FOSS tool
suite involving a Perl 6 oriented IDE, RCP (rich client platform),
document processor, and so on.

(2) What major existing components would you recommend?

(3) How would you architect it to take maximum advantage of Perl 6's
new capabilities?

With regard to (1), here are a few background references:

Perl Needs Better Tools

Acme: A User Interface for Programmers (Plan 9 / Inferno)

Independently Parsing Perl (for IDEs, for example)

With regard to (2), what existing framework would you recommend for
GUI stuff? wxWidgets? (Some part of) the Mozilla code base, which
Activestate reportedly uses for their IDE? (AFAIK, the KDE-related
license would be troublesome for generating commercial RCP
applications. And Gnome previously seemed weak on cross-platform
native L&F and printing support.)

Presumably svk/subversion should be the default version control

With regard to (3), I presume something like {Eclipse, Netbeans,
Firefox} plug-in interfaces are highly desirable.

Presumably everything should have a well-structured but human-friendly
text representation, perhaps based on yaml instead of xml.

I suspect there should be some {moderately easy to implement,
moderately convenient to use} "sweet spot" between elaborate WYSIWYG
GUI builders, widget configuration systems, and GUI specification
mini-languages. Any good ideas or pointers?

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker

http://perl.net.au/wiki/Perl_6_Users_FAQ (Moved from AthenaLab to Perl
6 Wiki.)

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