Is there anyone on this mailing list who would be willing to
volunteer to provide the world with a periodic summary of what major
topics were discussed on this list? The idea is to follow in the
footsteps of Mark-Jason Dominus's excellent p5p weekly summaries at
http://www.perl.com/pub/q/archivep5p .

I'm also looking for some highly-talented web programmers to help out on
implementing some ideas to create dynamic content for the Perl website
and for CPAN.

If you can write good, clean prose, then please think about the first job,
and if you are a hot web programmer, you might consider the second one.
Both would be volunteer positions, but the results would be free for all
to use, and would not contain banner ads. These would earn you prestige
in the Perl and Open Source communities.

Please feel free to send me private mail if you're interested in either
of these.

thank you,


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