First, please let me apologize for failing to research, properly,
the p6p archives when I asked my question earlier about the
C<struct null_type()>.

Second, can someone give me some direction on how I can best
go about understanding the internals of Topaz? What I mean
is, I get about 98% to 99% of what's going on, but I have questions,
and I don't really know where to turn to obtain answers.

It appears, at least according to my review of the archives, p6p is
organized along the same lines as p5p and, consequently, unamenable
to Q&As about Topaz; though the archive is incomplete and I may be mistaken.

I'd really like to learn Perl in its future incarnation, and I'm making
every effort on my end, but, from-time-to-time, I need to ask some
questions and, just as importantly, receive sensible answers to
those questions, from the people who know perl best, _before_ I can
accomplish my goal.

So, to reiterate, where or to whom do I turn for answers to my questions
about Topaz' internals?*

And, finally, I, again, apologize if I've offended folks with this

Thank you and regards,


P.S. I sincerely hope I do _not_ offend anyone with this email, and
I sincerely hope everyone receives it in the manner in which it was sent.

* Is perl-friends an option?

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