JPL is not a suitable replacement for Jpython;
Perhaps Bradley Kuhn will have something nice,

But in posting here I was inquiring to see if
there was interest or vision among perl6 peoples
in making a JVM implementation of perl6.

I've been hacking in perl5 for some years now,
but I'm becoming more of a Servlet guy
because I like the discipline Java imposes, and I
like the full support of modern computer science/
software construction methodology.

I just read a very nifty editorial in the Java
Developers Journal on the MERIT of glue/scripting
languages tho: Java, although superior for large
programs, and software construction by teams composed
of dissimilar programmers; is NOT a glue language -
(being staticly typed & not interpreted).

Java needs glue; perl-xml can be that glue; else
perl can/will lose ground for the next one to five
years, probably losing its place as the most popular
CGI programming language.


From: Stephen Zander gibreel@pobox.com
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000
Subject: Re: JVM implementation like Jpython?

Monty, you want the jpl project or more accurately Bradley Kuhn's
<URL:mailto:bkuhn@ebb.org> work for his Master's thesis. Send mail to
jpl@perl.org for more information.

Bradley's stuff is still pretty alpha.

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