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<tbrowder> continuing my problems with p6 pod: I have scrubbed a bad
pod file down to I think a minimum, and used the suggested method to
test it
<masak> tbrowder: sounds like great news. do you have a gist for us?
<tbrowder> I'll put it in a gist shortly, but besides the bad pod, the
worst part is perl6's response to it leaves no cluse as to what the
problem is
<tbrowder> for example, executing 'perl6 bad.pod' yields exactly
"===SORRY!=== Cannot iterate object with P6opaque representation"
<masak> tbrowder: yes, that's an unacceptable error message. I agree.
<tbrowder> the gist with the short good and bad Perl 6 pod examples is
here: https://gist.github.com/tbrowder/23c5ef38cccab30a32a7f7a2ca61659d
<masak> nice. short.
<masak> problem reproduced.
* masak submits rakudobug

For completeness, gist reproduced below:

## bad-pod-example.pod

=begin pod
# notice leading hyphen '-' in column 1 text
-col-1 col-2
=end pod
say $=pod.perl

## good-pod-example.pod

=begin pod
# notice leading hyphen '-' in column 1 text has been escaped
\-col-1 col-2
=end pod
say $=pod.perl

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