There should be already several bug reports mentioning this. I and someone
else have reported this. I forgot the bug numbers though, I am on a
vacation and therefore not able to find the bug number, sorry

Marcel Timmerman

On March 27, 2016 6:47:08 PM Carl Mäsak via RT
<RabidGravy> I like to (possibly superstitiously) have a test file with
just use-ok in it to catch any weird dependency issues
<masak> RabidGravy: all I can say is, I've never used `use-ok`, not even in
a separate file, and I don't feel that *not* getting the `use` error
separately has in any way detracted from the testing experience.
<masak> in fact, the usual reason I get `use` errors in the first place is
because I forgot to `export PERL6LIB=lib` :)
<masak> and that's easily fixed, no matter whether I have a separate test
file with `use-ok` or not
<RabidGravy> I think, for me, it goes back to testing very large programs
using moose where it was easy to miss circular dependencies at a distance
(e.g. where A uses B uses C uses D uses A) and things would stop loading
under certain circumstances
<masak> RabidGravy: I was going to say that "we don't allow that kind of
circular dependencies to happen in Perl 6"
<masak> RabidGravy: ...but then I tried it, and it puts Rakudo in an
infinite loop :(
<masak> just A.pm containing `use B;` and vice versa triggers it
* masak submits rakudobug
<masak> if nothing else, it's a crappy default
<moritz> masak: there's a rakudobug open already
<masak> oh, ok
* masak stands down
<masak> if I find it, I can add this discussion
<masak> ah, https://rt.perl.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=126688

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