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<masak> nom: sub infix:<*+> ($a,$b) { $a * $b + $b }; say 2 *+ 5
<p6eval> nom e95935: OUTPUT«10␤»
* masak submits rakudobug
<jnthn> wtf
<moritz> nom: sub infix:<*+> ($a,$b) { $a * $b + $b }; say infix:<*+>(2, 5)
<p6eval> nom e95935: OUTPUT«15␤»
<felher> hm. Does nom think its 2 *(+5)?
<jnthn> yeah but...even the cheating LTM that Rakudo's parser depends
on is meant to get *that* case right.
<masak> that's why I'm submitting it as a bug :)
<jnthn> Well, I dobut I'm gonna hunt down a bug in a load of code I
plan to eliminate as soon as I get the tuits. :)
<jnthn> Hopefully the new LTM engine gets it righter.

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