On Tue Jan 06 03:34:42 2009, masak wrote:
<p6eval> rakudo 35017: OUTPUT«1 2␤3 4␤␤»
<masak> rakudo: say {1 => 2, 3 => 4}.fmt("%s\t%s")
<p6eval> rakudo 35017: OUTPUT«1 2␤3 4␤»
<masak> oy! what with the extra newline in the stringification case?
* masak submits rakudobug
<moritz_> where is the bug?
<masak> moritz_: it might be considered a bug that the last two
results differ.
<moritz_> so what does "%s\t%s" mean on hash?
<masak> moritz_: key, tab char, value
<moritz_> masak: and how should they the separated?
<masak> by newlines, that's the default.
<masak> but the operative word is 'separated'
<masak> there shouldn't be a final newline
<masak> (apart from the one that 'say' outputs)
The subject of this ticket mentions ~, but it looks like that example was cutoff in the snippet
above. Can you regen it?

Will "Coke" Coleda

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