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                                  May 25th-29th

News and updates

    Additional [1]grant [2]reports by Tony Cook. Over 35 total hours and
    approximately 14 tickets were reviewed or worked on, and 4 patches

    Tony also published his entire April grant [3]report. Over 71 total hours
    and approximately 40 tickets were reviewed, and 3 patches applied were

    Dave Mitchell [4]finished the work on [5]Scope::Upper, making it pass all
    of its tests. Kent Fredric [6]provided a tarball with all of Dave's
    patches, in order to test it.


   New issues

      * [7]Perl #128238: Assert failure in gv.c without other symptoms.
      * [8]Perl #128241: Deprecate /$empty_string/.
      * [9]Perl #128242: Aliasing via sub signatures.
      * [10]Perl #128245: perldoc -f open :encoding clarification.
      * [11]Perl #128250: perlref's sections are a little muddled.
      * [12]Perl #128252: Assert failure in op.c without other symptoms.
      * [13]Perl #128253: Assert failure in S_find_uninit_var without other
      * [14]Perl #128254: Taint-mode assert failure in Perl_magic_clearisa
        without other symptoms.
      * [15]Perl #128255: Assert failure in S_sublex_done without other
      * [16]Perl #128256: Segfault due to stack overflow.
      * [17]Perl #128257: Segfault in Perl_gv_setref.
      * [18]Perl #128258: Segfault due to stack overflow.
      * [19]Perl #128260: Assert failure in Perl_sv_2pv_flags.
      * [20]Perl #128261L Assert failure in Perl_sv_2pv.
      * [21]Perl #128263: Assert failure in Perl_magic_get without other
      * [22]Perl #128265: Make rebuilds of perlmain.c unnecessary.
      * [23]Perl #128266: t/porting/libperl.t fails on PPC Darwin 9.7.
      * [24]Perl #128269: Files in Git repository are in DOS format.
      * [25]Perl #128279: hints/gnu.sh Mis-detected prototypes on GNU/Hurd.

   Resolved issues

      * [26]Perl #116467: [27]Pod::Checker should be switched to use
      * [29]Perl #128266: t/porting/libperl.t fails on PPC Darwin 9.7.


    The conversation around the possible deprecation of [30]encoding.pm

    The conversation around the usage of strcpy in locale.c [32]continued.

    Vincent Pit [33]notes on the conversation about a compile-time indirect
    method call check that the current implementation of the [34]indirect
    pragma is not suitable for core. [35]Abigail is not in favor of having it
    in core at all. Zefram [36]hints at [37]Sub::StrictDecl.

    Father Chrysostomos opened [38]Perl #128242 to discuss the idea of
    providing aliasing on the right hand side of a my statement. There are
    many questions about this and there's even the possibility of introducing
    a new character for this new type of ability. I recommend reading
    by Zefram provided [39]here and [40]here.

    In [41]Perl #128241 Father Chrysostomos suggests handling the
situation of
    a regex with a variable that ends up to be empty: /$empty/. Because it is
    then equivalent to //, it will do something different than what
usually is
    expected. The threads of conversation on the topic are [42]here and

    Aristotle Pagaltzis [44]suggests removing unused [45]POSIX symbol without
    a deprecation cycle since it isn't used anywhere in CPAN.


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  • Aristotle Pagaltzis at May 30, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    * Sawyer X [2016-05-30 12:23]:
    Aristotle Pagaltzis [44]suggests removing unused [45]POSIX symbol
    without a deprecation cycle since it isn't used anywhere in CPAN.
    I wasn’t quite that brash. Aaron suggested it, a related deprecation is
    already under way, and the CPAN just corroborated my other reasoning.
  • Sawyer X at May 30, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    On 05/30/2016 08:56 PM, Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote:
    * Sawyer X [2016-05-30 12:23]:
    Aristotle Pagaltzis [44]suggests removing unused [45]POSIX symbol
    without a deprecation cycle since it isn't used anywhere in CPAN.
    I wasn’t quite that brash. Aaron suggested it, a related deprecation is
    already under way, and the CPAN just corroborated my other reasoning.
    I intended to be succinct, not imply hasty decision-making on your part.
    My apologies.

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