On Sat May 26 16:44:40 2012, kryde wrote:
In Net::FTP version 2.77, when doing a put() if there's an error from
read() it seems to be silently treated as normal eof, where I hoped it
would gives some sort of error.

I see the code notices an error from binmode(), or socket write() and
close(), and gives an undef return, but apparently not for read()

The foo.pl below simulates a read error with a tied file handle.
I wonder if the $ftp->put() could return undef in this case.
So far I am unable to confirm the problem because I cannot get 'foo.pl'
to complete on either of two platforms at my disposal.

On Darwin/PPC, the program dies here:

Cannot connect: Net::FTP: connect: Invalid argument at 113390_foo.pl
line 24.

On Linux/i386, the program dies here:

Cannot cwd: /pub: No such file or directory
at 113390_foo.pl line 30.

Can you (or anyone) supply a different example?

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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