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commit 123d547777f4e403219b0f1c82b90f497d984cf1
Author: Father Chrysostomos <sprout@cpan.org>
Date: Sun May 22 23:45:45 2016 -0700

     Make my\ experimental

M op.c
M toke.c

commit dafadc2845da38a51bb3211be3dcd4639804e4dd
Author: Father Chrysostomos <sprout@cpan.org>
Date: Sun May 22 23:40:27 2016 -0700

     Add declared_refs feature feature

M feature.h
M lib/feature.pm
M regen/feature.pl

commit 57ddf9ecbbcab25d19c671abb439a668e1edf509
Author: Father Chrysostomos <sprout@cpan.org>
Date: Sun May 22 23:39:44 2016 -0700

     Add experimental::declared_refs warn categ

M lib/warnings.pm
M regen/warnings.pl
M warnings.h

commit 18090921d8dc3213acc046b799b4b1e794a30502
Author: Father Chrysostomos <sprout@cpan.org>
Date: Fri May 20 22:28:31 2016 -0700

     Allow my \$a

     This applies to ‘my’, ‘our’, ‘state’ and ‘local’, and both to single
     variable and lists of variables, in all their variations:

     my \$a # equivalent to \my $a
     my \($a,$b) # equivalent to \my($a, $b)
     my (\($a,$b)) # same
     my (\$a, $b) # equivalent to (\my $a, $b)

M op.c
M perly.act
M perly.h
M perly.tab
M perly.y
M toke.c

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