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commit 2d25a6385bd52732d7565e5341751e883077d3e2
Author: Karl Williamson <khw@cpan.org>
Date: Wed Apr 1 10:35:39 2015 -0600

     Unicode Version 8 beta

M charclass_invlists.h
M lib/Unicode/UCD.t
M lib/unicore/ArabicShaping.txt
M lib/unicore/BidiBrackets.txt
M lib/unicore/BidiMirroring.txt
M lib/unicore/Blocks.txt
M lib/unicore/CJKRadicals.txt
M lib/unicore/CaseFolding.txt
M lib/unicore/CompositionExclusions.txt
M lib/unicore/DAge.txt
M lib/unicore/DCoreProperties.txt
M lib/unicore/DNormalizationProps.txt
M lib/unicore/EastAsianWidth.txt
M lib/unicore/EmojiSources.txt
M lib/unicore/HangulSyllableType.txt
M lib/unicore/Index.txt
D lib/unicore/IndicMatraCategory.txt
A lib/unicore/IndicPositionalCategory.txt
M lib/unicore/IndicSyllabicCategory.txt
M lib/unicore/Jamo.txt
M lib/unicore/LineBreak.txt
M lib/unicore/NameAliases.txt
M lib/unicore/NamedSequences.txt
M lib/unicore/NamedSqProv.txt
M lib/unicore/NamesList.txt
M lib/unicore/NormalizationCorrections.txt
M lib/unicore/PropList.txt
M lib/unicore/PropValueAliases.txt
M lib/unicore/PropertyAliases.txt
M lib/unicore/ReadMe.txt
M lib/unicore/ScriptExtensions.txt
M lib/unicore/Scripts.txt
M lib/unicore/SpecialCasing.txt
M lib/unicore/StandardizedVariants.txt
M lib/unicore/UnicodeData.txt
M lib/unicore/auxiliary/GCBTest.txt
M lib/unicore/auxiliary/GraphemeBreakProperty.txt
M lib/unicore/auxiliary/SBTest.txt
M lib/unicore/auxiliary/SentenceBreakProperty.txt
M lib/unicore/auxiliary/WBTest.txt
M lib/unicore/auxiliary/WordBreakProperty.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DBidiClass.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DBinaryProperties.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DCombiningClass.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DDecompositionType.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DEastAsianWidth.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DGeneralCategory.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DJoinGroup.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DJoinType.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DLineBreak.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DNumType.txt
M lib/unicore/extracted/DNumValues.txt
M lib/unicore/mktables
M lib/unicore/version
M regcharclass.h
M unicode_constants.h

commit 189da9983f725b97c14f11c8f4ed09183b7bf7c5
Author: Karl Williamson <khw@cpan.org>
Date: Wed Apr 1 10:26:25 2015 -0600

     regen/mk_invlists.pl: Add dependency

     If the added script changes, it may affect the output of mk_invlists.pl,
     so needs to be added as a dependency.

M charclass_invlists.h
M regen/mk_invlists.pl

commit 76bfbe07aaedf74f50e2344524671c5a1d3f9f69
Author: Karl Williamson <khw@cpan.org>
Date: Wed Apr 1 10:22:36 2015 -0600

     regen/regcharclass.pl: Add dependencies

     If either of these two scripts change, it could affect this script, so
     things need to be regenerated.

M regcharclass.h
M regen/regcharclass.pl

commit 576b40edffa56d4dfe3cce37d75aa4cf22b1082d
Author: Karl Williamson <khw@cpan.org>
Date: Wed Apr 1 10:06:45 2015 -0600

     mktables: Reduce input fractions to lowest terms

     It turns out that the rational numbers furnished by the Unicode data are
     not guaranteed to be in lowest terms. Version 8 is the first version
     that has them this way. Add code to reduce them in preparation for that

M charclass_invlists.h
M lib/unicore/mktables
M regcharclass.h

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