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Hi Marco,

I’m emailing you wearing my PAUSE admin hat: I’m working on resolving conflicts caused by PAUSE now considering package names case insensitively. This has left us with some situations where people are owners of namespaces previously considered distinct, and now considered the same.

You have ownership of the following namespaces:


None of these modules are on CPAN (they may have been in the past). But your ownership clashes with the STD and Csv namespaces, which are owned by other people.

As a result I’d like to drop your permissions on these namespaces, to resolve the conflict. From looking at your releases, I don’t think this will cause any problems, but wanted to check with you. Are you ok with this?

PAUSE will no longer let situations like this occur, so I’m cleaning up historical cases like yours.


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  • Neil Bowers at May 27, 2016 at 8:01 am
    Hi Marco,
    well, I don't understand exactly what is the problem but I assume there are no problems…
    Looking at the “csv” example, you had ownership of it. If you looked at PAUSE’s permissions you’d have seen:


    Which says that you have “first-come” permissions. Only one person can have ownership of each namespace.
    In the past PAUSE treated “csv” and “Csv” as different namespaces, so user SAKOHT ended up with:


    But now PAUSE has to treat them as essentially the same namespace, because MacOS X and Windows have case-insensitive filesystems. The result of that you couldn’t have both “csv” and “Csv” installed at the same time.

    This meant we ended up with a relatively small number of cases where two people have ownership of the same namespace, which as I mentioned above, shouldn’t ever happen. If you had tried to release a new “csv” module, you’d have got an error message back saying that it couldn’t index it, due to a permissions conflict.
    Thus, go ahead!
    Thank you — I have dropped those permissions.


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