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Hi Vidul,

I’m emailing you wearing my PAUSE admin hat: I’m working on resolving conflicts caused by PAUSE now considering package names case insensitively. This has left us with some situations where people are owners of namespaces previously considered distinct, and now considered the same.

You have ownership of the “cwd” namespace, but don’t have an “cwd" module (indexed) on CPAN - in 2006 you renamed your “cwd” module to “swd". The “cwd” namespace conflicts with the “Cwd” core module, which has shipped with Perl since Perl 5.0.

To resolve this conflict I’d like to drop your permissions on “cwd”. Give you made the change 10 years, I don’t forsee any problems. Are you happy for me to do this?

PAUSE doesn’t let these kinds of situations occur any more, so I’m working through the historical cases.


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