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   modid: App::Dest
   DSLIP: bdpfp
   description: Deployment State Manager
   userid: GRYPHON (Gryphon Shafer)
   chapterid: 3 (Development_Support)



     App::Dest is a simple "deployment state" change management tool.
     Similar to what Sqitch is doing, but able to work on more than just
     databases. Let's say you're working with a group of other software
     engineers on a particular software project using your favorite
     revision control system. Let's also say that you have a database
     that undergoes schema changes as features are developed, and you
     have various system activities like the installation of libraries or
     other applications. Then let's also say the team braches, works on
     stuff, shares those branches, reverts, merges, etc. And also from
     time to time you want to go back in time a bit so you can reproduce
     a bug. Maintaining the database state and the state of the system
     across all that activity can be problematic. App::Dest tries to
     solve this in a very simple way, letting you be able to deploy,
     revert, and verify to any point in time in the development history.

   enteredby: GRYPHON (Gryphon Shafer)
   enteredon: Thu Jul 17 15:00:53 2014 UTC

The resulting entry would be:

::Dest bdpfp Deployment State Manager GRYPHON

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