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modid: JSON::Simple
DSLIP: cdpfp
description: Easy to use JSON producer and parser
userid: PRAMAKERS (Peter-Anders Ramakers)
chapterid: 6 (Data_Type_Utilities)
Once it's a little more standard compliant (read: has documentation)
I'lll make an RFC on PerlMonks

the JSON family, JSON, JSON::XS, JSON:PP. I found their interfaces
too confusing for just churning out something simple as JSON so I
rolled JSON::Simple.


There are a lot of formats for data exchange. XML and YAML just to
name two. A little while ago I found myself in a situation where I
was facing the need for a configuration file syntax that allowed for
things like hashes and arrays. Before I knew it I was almost about
to write an implementation for something quite similar to JSON when
it struck me that I could just as easily use an existing JSON module
to fit my needs.

Much to my dismay, I was met with confusing interfaces when I
worked myself through the documentation of the JSON, JSON::XS and
JSON::PP modules. All I wanted was something that could parse and
produce my config files with support for hashes and arrays. It
shouldn't have to be so difficult.

But hey, this is Perl, with its unique community. TIMTOWDI. Using
one of the existing JSON modules out there is not the only way to
get my JSON parser/producer. I could always roll one myself.

JSON is a simple format. Modules for working with the format should
be simple to use. JSON::Simple is supposed to be one approach for

enteredby: PRAMAKERS (Peter-Anders Ramakers)
enteredon: Thu Sep 15 01:05:52 2011 GMT

The resulting entry would be:

::Simple cdpfp Easy to use JSON producer and parser PRAMAKERS

Thanks for registering,

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