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You are the listed owner of Crypt::RIPEMD160 and RIPEMD160 on CPAN. A
ticket has been open on CPAN for these modules for a while to fix a
bug with 64 bit systems using this module. The bug is causing issues
with the perl module Crypt::OpenPGP.

I notice that these modules haven't had any attention since 2001. My
guess is that maybe you're overwhelmed with other priorities and of
course CPAN often get's pushed to the bottom of the list. I'd like to
offer to take over maintenance of these modules.

If you're open to this, you can just add TODDR as a co-maintainer or
maintainer in PAUSE and I will do the needful from there.

You can delegate permissions at the below URL using your PAUSE ID CHGEUER:

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Todd Rinaldo

P.S. I'm CC'ing pause admins, as well as some of the other people
associated with the RIPEMD160 project in hopes that if you cannot be
directly contacted, someone else can get me in contact with you.

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