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modid: SNMP::Query::Asynch
DSLIP: adpOp
description: Execute lots of SNMP queries extremely fast
userid: SSCAFFIDI (Stephen R. Scaffidi)
chapterid: 5 (Networking_Devices_IPC)
email, annocpan, cpanforum, rt, perlmonks

SNMP::Effective SNMP::Multi


The actual name is pretty easy to explain: This module uses the
SNMP module's interface to the net-snmp library to execute and issue
batches of SNMP queries asynchronously. Hence SNMP::Query::Asynch.

I also have a few other modules that could also go in the
SNMP::Query namespace that I have not yet released.

I began work on this module after having scalability and stability
issues with SNMP::Multi. It turns out that the stability issues were
actually due to a bug in the .xs code of the SNMP module. However, I
dislike the interface of SNMP::Multi and is still wasn't fast enough
for my needs.

Later, after I had posted a *very* alpha version of my code to
PerlMonks, someone pointed out that the purpose and usage of my code
was almost identical to SNMP::Effective. SNMP::Eddective was indeed
written to solve the same problem for which I created this new
module. However, others with a need that could be satisfied by
either module will now have a choice.

Also, in my testing on a *large* network, I find that my code is
*much* faster :)

enteredby: SSCAFFIDI (Stephen R. Scaffidi)
enteredon: Sun Mar 9 01:22:09 2008 GMT

The resulting entry would be:

::Asynch adpOp Execute lots of SNMP queries extremely fast SSCAFFIDI

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