Sorry this is late. That module has been withdrawn and the namespace is
no longer needed.



modules@perl.org wrote:
Dear CPAN contributor,

we, the PAUSE administrators, are trying to tidy up the CPAN Modules
List and are looking at namespaces that have been registered without
ever being uploaded to PAUSE.

You have registered the namespace


in the CPAN Modules List, but according to our databases, you have not
uploaded any module with that name. This may be an error on our part,
a problem with the PAUSE indexer, or you actually haven't uploaded an

In any case, we kindly ask you to contact us via the modules@perl.org
mailing list so we can sort out the issue. This is particularly
important if you think you are receiving this mail in error!

A simple message telling us briefly why you want to keep the
registration even without an upload so far should suffice to get the
namespace off our to-do list.

We plan to purge the registration for the aforementioned module
from our database somewhen after December 17, 2007 if we do not receive an
answer until then.

Thank you for contributing to CPAN and your help in advance.

Best regards,
Steffen Mueller
for the PAUSE administrators
- --
Darian Anthony Patrick, GWAS, GSSP-Java, ZCE
Principal, Application Development
Criticode LLC
(215) 240-6566 Office
(866) 789-2992 Facsimile
Web: http://criticode.com
Email: darian@criticode.com
JID: darian@jabber.criticode.net

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  • Steffen Mueller at Jan 29, 2008 at 6:53 pm
    Hi Darian,

    Darian Anthony Patrick schrieb:
    Sorry this is late. That module has been withdrawn and the namespace is
    no longer needed.
    thanks for getting back to us anyway. I marked the registration as
    deletable. It'll probably go away within a few days.

    Best regards,

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