As mentioned in my PAUSE registration, I have written a perl module that
is able to parse an XPDL document and return requested data in a Perl
format (a scalar, hash, or array depending on the type of data
requested). When I had originally written it for in-house use, I was
using a namespace of Xfmc::XPDL, since effectively that is what it
accesses. However, I know that the use of new root namespaces is frowned
upon, so I was looking for guidance about whether it would be prudent to
register Xfmc::XPDL, or if there are other suggestions as to what the
namespace should be. Please let me know if there is anything else I can
provide or anything I need to do.

Thanks so much,
Steve Rhoton

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postedJan 15, '08 at 1:05p
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