I filed the namespace request below some time ago. As noted in a mail in
reply to Brian Foy the day after I understood it could benefit to be
shortened to just 'ProgressMonitor' instead.

Being new at this and unsure of protocol and expected time it will take to
process things, I'm just wondering if this is in progress, and if the name
adjustment is ok...or if there's anything else I should do. After sending
this mail I will upload a 'ProgressMonitor-0.01.tar.gz' if this will make a



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To: <kenneth@olwing.se>
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 9:05 PM
Subject: Module submission Misc::ProgressMonitor

The following module was proposed for inclusion in the Module List:

modid: Misc::ProgressMonitor
DSLIP: bdpOp
description: Progress monitor / task feedback framework
userid: KNTH (Kenneth lwing)
chapterid: 23 (Miscellaneous_Modules)



Cut from my recent query on the modules@perl.org list:

===== As an excuse for trying the 'classes' module (by RMUHLE), and
also as something to use in a larger effort later, I created a Perl
implementation of a 'progress monitor' based on the same concept
found in the Eclipse (Java) framework. See
for some information on usage of this in Eclipse. In short, an
interface is defined with generic methods to start, 'make progress'
and end etc. This is not so revolutionary, and other Perl impls
around the concept of a 'progress bar' exist. However, the ideas
behind the ProgressMonitor concept goes further - the intent is that
a framework can and should use the interface 'everywhere' action is
going on that the user could benefit from seeing progress on. The
medium for presenting the progress can be very different though; in
Eclipse, there are impls for both cmdline and various GUI progress
reports. A key concept is also that of using a 'SubProgressMonitor'
to correctly farm out some of a tasks allotted work to a subtask,
and still have a correct report due to automatic scaling of the
progress 'ticks'. In my implementation, I also use the concept of an
interface that theoretically can be implemented in a Tk environment
just as well as in a cmdline environment. I provide impls for
writing to a stream (e.g. STDOUT), or as callbacks for any code to
do whatever they like with the result. The formatting of the
progress is also interface based, and I have impls for a plain
spinner, counter, percentage, bar, ETA etc, all of which can be
wired together in any configuration to create a string. Very
flexible and configurable. Also, a subtask wrapper is there. =====

As noted, another impl is for example Term::ProgressBar. Main
differences are that my framework is not limited to stdout, but is
generic. It also has the concept of subtask progress. Finally there
is a number of 'field' impls, all selectable by the user and very
configurable - but if nothing else fits it's open for other
implementations for both the monitor mechanism itself as well as the
field implementations.

I have trouble fitting it in any other category so Miscellaneous
and thus Misc:: seems reasonable.

enteredby: KNTH (Kenneth lwing)
enteredon: Mon Nov 20 20:05:27 2006 GMT

The resulting entry would be:

::ProgressMonitor bdpOp Progress monitor / task feedback framework KNTH

Thanks for registering,

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