On Jun 7, 2006, at 6:31, Ernesto Hernández-Novich wrote:

Hi Ernesto,

That does sound, uh, bad. I've cc'ed the modules@ list which is a
little better than the cpan contact address you emailed.

Have you brought it up with the datetime@ list? It sounds like a
simple misunderstanding.

- ask

I was trying to package DateTime::Cron::Simple into Debian GNU/Linux,
therefore I had to check the license of the module before
uploading. I found
out that neither


nor the source code have a single reference to a license. That is,
even though
there's a clearly stated Copyright, there's no explicit mention as
to how it
is supposed to be used and/or redistributed. I contacted the
author, who
answered by telling me that we wasn't able (or did not want) to
change the
license because he feared the "owner/creator" of the DateTime
namespace was
not at all pleased with this module.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that as it stands, this
module is
undistributable. If I'm wrong, what would be the license?
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  • Johan Vromans at Jun 7, 2006 at 7:33 pm

    Ask Bjørn Hansen writes:

    we wasn't able (or did not want) to change the license because he
    feared the "owner/creator" of the DateTime namespace was not at all
    pleased with this module.
    I fail to understand why a module owner would not be able to change
    the license.

    -- Johan
  • Andreas J. Koenig at Jun 7, 2006 at 8:09 pm
    Hi Brendan,

    it has been brought to my attention that the module
    DateTime::Cron::Simple has a copyright notice but not a license how
    the module is to be used, altered, distributed and re-distributed.

    This is very unfortunate. If this cannot be changed, I do not think
    that it can be kept on CPAN. Primary prerequisite for being hosted on
    CPAN is that there must be a clear statement what kind of license you
    have in mind for the code and there's a secondary need that the
    license is accepted by the community (i.e. it is free in the broadest

    If this was not clear to you from the first contact with CPAN, please
    let us know what you think about the licensing issue. I think I must
    be very clear on this one prerequisite and I will review our wording
    on all pages and emails: CPAN cannot distribute any material that has
    legal caveats about use, modification, distribution and
    re-distribution of the IP in the distributed material.

    Can you please either clarify your license or remove the module from
    CPAN or otherwise clarify your position?

    Given that your code has been living on CPAN for more than two years,
    I think there is no immediate need that I remove the code immediately.
    I suppose you have already accepted that your code is being distrbuted
    worldwise. But please let's resolve this matter as soon as possible.


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