So, the proposed namespace is 'Form'. Yeah, that's top level.

What I'm building is a form generation engine. A useful mechanism for
creating form objects in the abstract, independent of any kind of
publishing system. So the same form objects could be used for Tk, Gtk,
HTML, XForms, Curses, etc.

Because of the broad cope of application (spurred by folks saying they'd
want to use something like this for said broad scope) but best I could
come up with was 'Form'.

There are lots of packages under this namespace that represent field
classes, decorators, publishing systems, form definitions, and so on.

So if there is a better namespace than Form that isn't three levels
deep (creating some packages six levels deep, at that point) then
I'm all ears.

I figure I'd rather bring up what I'm doing than upload it and wait for
the fall-out.

Casey West

Shooting yourself in the foot with BASIC (interpreted)
You shoot yourself in the foot with a water pistol until your leg is
waterlogged and rots off.

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