I would like to file a request for registration as a module author on CPAN.
Here's my information, in accordance with [1]:

* My name:


* My email address:


* My homepage:


* My preferred user-ID on CPAN:


* A short description of what I'm planning to contribute:

I have written a small module as part of a larger project of mine which I
would like to make available to the general public since I think others
might find it useful as well. Specifically, the module allows its users to
retrieve the uptime of an OpenBSD system without having to parse the
output of uptime(1); it provides a single function that returns the
system's uptime in seconds.

I may contribute more modules in the future depending on what I'm going to
write. :)

Regarding namespaces: for now, the module mentioned above is called
Sys::Uptime::OpenBSD, but since [2] states that using the Sys:: namespace is
discouraged, I would like to ask whether this is actually acceptable at all.
An alternative, in my eyes, would be to create a new OpenBSD:: namespace,
similar to FreeBSD:: and the like, and call the module OpenBSD::Uptime
instead - what do you think?

So long, and thanks. :)

1. http://www.cpan.org/modules/04pause.html/#registering
2. http://www.cpan.org/modules/00modlist.long.html

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