I'm relatively new to the world of CPAN authorship, and I'm unclear as
to some details in the module registration process.

Over the past few weeks, I have registered as a CPAN author (PSTEWART)
and registered the namespace of Games::Object for a module I was working
on. This past weekend, I uploaded the completed 0.01 release of the
module. However, it appears that I cannot see the module everywhere on
CPAN/PAUSE, and wanted to make sure that I had not done anything wrong
or forgotten to do something.

I can see my module in the following places:

- Via search.cpan.org my module name or PAUSE ID
- On the complete module listing on CPAN (the "all modules" link from

I can even see that the CPAN testers have successfully tested the module
on a few platforms. However, I find that I am having the following

- The module does not appear on the annotated lists of modules, or on
the "Miscellaneous" link from the main search.cpan.org page.
- PAUSE does not appear to see the Games::Object module if I log in and
click on "Edit Module Metadata"

So the question is, have I forgotten something, or is it more a matter
of time before these other areas are updated? Since people can get to it
by some means, its not a critical problem, but I would like to know for
my own reference. I looked over all the relevant FAQs, but they don't
seem to answer this question.

Thanks in advance.


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