I would like to suggest a new namespace named Gtkx.

The objective of Gtkx is to hold Gtk modules that are not part of bidings or related to.
It would allow higher level interfaces (differen API aproachs), simplification of some tasks
and building complex/composed widgets with conflicting with The Gtk itself.

The reason is that as Gtk+ evolutes, new bidings will be done with different names and it
is not possible to be sure that some namespace wouldn't be used in a future version of gtk+.

The Gtkx on other hand is free of this kind of issues (as it is DBIx from DBI).

To illustrate, I have being working on modules that simplifies the way widgets are created,
and modules that provides a widget full of controls to be embended on other apps.

So, I would like to hear if there is any objection for the Gtkx Namespace.

Raul Dias

PS: please add my e-mail in the replies.

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