I'm not sure, but I may already have a registration (but if so I'm afraid I've lost all the details).
I'd like to register though as I've written a module which is being used a lot by Perl developers via its homepage, and I'd like to get it on CPAN to reach a wider audience.

My Details :

Name : Ian Steel
Email : ian@bilstone.co.uk
HomePage : http://freeweb.ftech.net/bilstone/parser.html
Pref. UserID: isteel
Contribution: HTMLTMPL.pm - It's a module which merges data from cgi scripts with a Template. This allows
The htnl to be kept outside of the perl. It is similar to FastTemplate but more flexible as it allows
The repeating parts of the page (table rows, etc) to remain within the single web page.
DSLI: RdpO (Merges data into HTML templates)

Some user feedback I've received via email :

You module kicks some serious ass. I really appreciate the work you have done on this. I just started contemplating writing something similar but decided to check cpan.org first. I guess it pays to be lazy, because your module does everything I wanted to do and more (without me doing a thing!) Within minutes of installing it I was able to convert gobs of ugly perl code into nicBe templates!
This module gets locked away in my bag of trick for sure. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who does dbase/web programming.
Thank you!

It´s just to say I´m using your HTMLTMPL perl module.
It´s great. It works fine. Good idea: simpe and and very useful.
Thank you for making public your work.


"Nerves of Steel, Heart of Gold, Knob of Butter"

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  • Wei ye at Sep 11, 2000 at 1:22 am

    I'm going to upload a module Jvm, which allow Perl invoke Java API, so
    I'm applying a userID.

    I attached the document of my package at the end for your reference.
    I have a Java project for our company, but I like Perl very much, I
    to try to find a way to call Java in Perl, I did find out there is a
    module "Java"
    in CPAN, however that module launch Java server localhost and have Perl
    talk with that Java server via some protocol instead of JNI.
    The performance is poor, I don't like it. Then later, I happen to know
    PHP has a java module, then I asked myself why not write such module for

    Perl myself?

    Then I began to work on it. Almost at the end of the project, I read a
    news from
    mailinglist that there is already a module "JPL" has been available for
    perl and
    Java communication for more than 2 years. Out of surprise, I downloaded
    it and
    gave it a try. I understand that JPL's idea is very cool, however it
    seems too complex.
    Mine is much simple and more practice for some people.

    So I still want to upload to CPAN, so that people want to call Java API
    inside perl
    has an alternative way to do that.

    Below is my personal information:
    Name: Ye, Wei
    Email: yw@alabanza.net
    HomePage: undef
    Perferred UID: YEWEI
    Description of what I'm planning to contribute: Jvm, a module which can
    invoke Java VM API.
    Development Stage: a/b (Alpha/Beta)
    Support Level: d (Developer)
    Language: c(C and Perl)
    Interface: O(Object oriented)

    Thanks for your help!

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