I'm getting ready to bundle the initial release of a new package, but I'm a
little unclear on some areas... I want to create an area into which some XSLT
and XML Schema files will be populated. I'd like it to be
${prefix}/share/appname, so that it goes in under the same root as the rest of
the Perl elements.

The docs in the Cookbook say to use something like this in the constructor call
for the M::B object:

install_path => { share => $installation_path }

Where I'm not clear is whether $installation_path should be relative or
absolute. Also, what are best-practices approaches to propagating something
like this to one of the *.pm files, since this represents the default
search-path for the module to locate the XSLT?

(Initially I had planned to install the XSLT along with the pm file itself, but
since those files are actually going to be shared with non-Perl code it seemed
wiser to put them in a more universal location.)

Randy J. Ray Sunnyvale, CA http://www.rjray.org rjray@blackperl.com

Silicon Valley Scale Modelers: http://www.svsm.org

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