I've prepared an 0.04 release of CPANPLUS::Dist::Build,
addressing all open issues in RT and including the patch
set i've sent to the list earlier. Unfortunately, I dont seem
to be able to commit to svn.perl.org with my PAUSE
credentials. I'll send a seperate mail with diagnostics.

So for now, a patch with the above changes is attached.
For simplicity sake, the tarball from exactly such a
'make dist' is attached for your inspection.

I've updated the minimum version of CPANPLUS to the
most recent release, as that's the one I've tested with,
and the one that is 'best' to have.

The Makefile.PL currently states it requires M::B
0.2611, although i've done the testing with 0.2805.
So perhaps we should up that version as well, but i'll
leave it to your discretion.

This also means you can close the following bugs in RT now
(I dont have permissions for that yet):

Ken, feel free to upload a release when it meets your
standards as well.

-- Jos

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