Oops, forgot to copy the group.

Also, Math != Statistics

I'd prefer to see this in Statistics::R::*

(My GF is a Stat major and has made me QUITE aware that statisticians
are not necessarily matheticians, and vice versa)

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Subject: Re: (fast reply please!) Idea for new module: A bridge between Perl and R-project
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 14:52:56 -0500
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I have no idea what your module does.

Is it a contribution to Perl ?
Does it allow you to Write R in perl?
if so, Inline::R
Does it provide access to R like functionality in perl?
if so, Statistics::R::<RfunctionalityRprovided>
Does it simply call the R interpretter and pass back the result to
if so,

Is it an R contribution to use perl like syntax in R?
if so, Rperl

If you're contributing to perl, and its not an inline R interpretter,
Please use the top level namespace of Statistics::R::*. I think that
will clear up any confusion as to the functionality of the module.

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 04:50:24PM -0300, Graciliano M. P. wrote:
I'm working on a module that make a bridge between the R-project
"intepreter" and Perl. Actually I need to have this done today, soo, I will
ask for a fast reply. Thanks in advance.

Soo, I need some adivices for the name of the module. Here are some names,
just vote in one or send suggestions(please).

- Rbridge
- Rcaller
- Bridge2R

Graciliano M. P.
Brad Lhotsky <brad@divisionbyzero.net>

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Brad Lhotsky <brad@divisionbyzero.net>

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  • Dariush Pietrzak at Jan 30, 2004 at 12:30 pm
    Also, Math != Statistics
    Actually Statistics wasn't considered Math until few years ago.
    Now it's one of Math parts like Topology or something.

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