MacPerl 5.6.1b3 is released.

[I hope that there is only one more beta release after this one.]

To discuss the release, please join macperl@perl.org (general discussion) or
macperl-porters@perl.org (development discussion) at http://lists.perl.org/.

There are two installation choices: the web installer and the full installer.
The full installer has all the pieces in the binary already, including all the
source. The web installer will go out to the download site online and fetch
just the pieces you need. Please use the web installer if you can, and let me
know how your impressions of the system.

If you've downloaded MacPerl 5.6.1b2 already, you can use the installer you
already have (either the full or web, both will work). You don't need to
download a new one. Ask the installer to "Update" to get the new data when it
says it is ready to install. The installer will download the new catalog and
restart itself. Then it will download only the pieces it doesn't already have.
So it won't re-download all the module files that haven't changed, only the
application and other support files that have been modified.

Neat, huh? Of course, it hurts our download stats, but oh well.

NOTE: This won't work with 5.6.1b1. Please download the new installer and move
or delete 5.6.1b1 before installing if that's what you're upgrading from.

All downloads and data and information and everything else are available from
the MacPerl Development site:


You can use my PGP key for verifying the distribution:


Happy New Year,

Chris Nandor pudge@pobox.com http://pudge.net/
Open Source Development Network pudge@osdn.com http://osdn.com/

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