OK, 5.6.1d2 is out. Mostly changes to the build process, config.{h,sh,pm}
stuff is all done, lots of little things here and there. It is almost 1
a.m. and I am not lucid. I hope it turns out OK. ;-)

Yes, this is based on perl-5.6.1-TRIAL3, but it is more recent than that
(the latest source for the repository as of this evening), and includes a
few MacPerl-specific patches to TRIAL3.

See http://macperl.sourceforge.net/ for more information and downloads.

For those who have already built MacPerl, you only need the perl and
MacPerl source distributions, not the external libs. However, you should
get GUSI 216b2 (or later) to fix some bugs, though some older versions of
GUSI 2 (215, 214) should work. 216b2 still has a few bugs in it, I think
(you'll see warnings about non-text typemap files that you can ignore), but
it's fine for the build for now.

Chris Nandor pudge@pobox.com http://pudge.net/
Open Source Development Network pudge@osdn.com http://osdn.com/

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