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Posted: May 17, 2016

Job title: Perl Developer

Company name: Eligo Recruitment

Location: London, UK

Pay rate: £50k to £60k

Terms of employment: Salaried employee

Hours: Full time

Onsite: yes

Perl Developer / a Perl Guru / Perl Architect

So without just dropping
Keyword bombs left right and centre I’m looking for a Perl Developer for
one of the famous Perl house and I will make it obscure so you have to
phone me to find out who it is as I know on IRC people play the guess the
company game.

Is this you?

Do you love Perl?

Do you hate legacy Perl
code and keen to update it ?

Do you also enjoy getting your hands dirty
with JavaScript?

So you wear combats and a heavy metal t-shirt ?

If you
have answered Yes , Yes , Yes , Yes (Although the last one isn’t a
requirement but is how most dev’s in the team dress)

Tech Stack

They are
going to love you if you have exposure to a framework they use Dancer but
they will still love you if you have experience with Catalyst or
Mojolicious, but being honest they are looking for the “Front-End” Perl
focussed developer, yes the unicorn that is a Full stack developer. I would
jump for joy, when you send me your CV and you show me you that have
experience with Perl (With frameworks) and AngularJS (or another JS


Team environment, so it’s broken into small teams
with hand off management style, as you’re a senior Perl Developer and have
been doing this a while – They will let you get on with it.

The CTO tends
to take a backseat and look at things more strategically allowing the Dev’s
more control.

Let’s do a breakdown

Perl Developer
JavaScript Experience
But to be honest a large factor is going to be how much beer (or Wine) you
can drink – if you love being in the pub and I guess coding too. If you
love the Perl community and care about how you’re code looks, and If you
can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs (OK stole that
line) but I need an experienced Dev who will be calm under pressure.

Please also note due to my poor spelling there is bound to be a number of
mistake show how much attention to detail you have if you pick up on them,
and if you get the right amount there will be a beer waiting at the next
London PM meet for you.

Website for more information:

Contact information at:

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