I am using DBD-CSV with taint mode and I am getting the following when I try to perform a SQL Create/Update/Delete (CUD) operation:

Execution ERROR: Insecure dependency in open while running with -T switch at C:/Perl/lib/IO/File.pm line 185.

I have untainted all the inputs and it looks like its not happy with the filename, which is not user inputted.
I even used literal values to try and perform an SQL CUD operation but no luck..

File.pm is used by the DBD-CSV module and therefore I think File.pm is seeing the input parameters to its open method from CSV module as tainted.

This error only happens when I try to perform a SQL CUD operation as it will then change the file mode flag for the open method to write. As you know a file open with a write mode flag will fail in taint mode, do you have any thoughts.

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