Pardon my intrusion ... this is currently my best bet to get some answers

We connect locally on a W2K3 server machine to a MS SQL server 2005 database
using DBD ODBC. The version of this module is 1.13. We could read data from
the db, no problem until our czech friends entered data .... unicode data
was not correctly read. But I can see this data correctly being displayed
using MS sql server studio entering the same query ... Using something like
print $dbh->{odbc_has_unicode}; produced no results ....

On my test machine W2K3 we installed ASPN DBD ODBC module version 1.15,
which is their latest binary build ... It is however still not working?
print $dbh->{odbc_has_unicode}; now shows 0

So my question is now, am I missing something? and if yes what do I need to
get it working?

Thank you for your valuable time, it is greatly appreciated (!)


Xavier Merlin

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