IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2008.0513 (2008-05-13)
has been uploaded to CPAN.

IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl (also known as DBD::Informix) is
the driver code that enables Perl 5.6.1 or later to access Informix
databases via the DBI module (but if you are not already using Perl
5.10.0 - or any later version - you should be planning to upgrade). You
will need the code for DBI version 1.38 or later as well (v1.604 - or any
later version - is recommended). The code for DBD::Informix is
available for download via:


** When you successfully build this module, use the ItWorks (Perl)
** script to report your configuration to the maintenance team (meaning
** Jonathan Leffler) at dbd.informix@gmail.com.
** The ItWorks script does not send email to anybody; you have to do
** that yourself.

New in release :PRODVER::
* Fix $sth->{TYPE}: return 9 (SQL_DATE) not -1 (SQL_LVARCHAR), fixing an
11-year old bug.
* Add support for BIGINT in ESQL/C 3.50, including $h->{ix_bigserial}.
* CPAN Testers reporting issues because Makefile.PL not exiting
successfully when pre-requisites not met.
* ESQL/C 3.50 (for IDS 11.50) typedefs ifx_loc_t - update dumpesql.h to
cope (Joe R Plugge <jrplugge@west.com>).
* ESQL/C test fails during configuration when $Config{ccflags} has
leading spaces. Records show this problem also affected Dr Guenther
Seifert <guenther-h.seifert@t-systems.com> in June 2007. Apologies
for not getting it fixed sooner.

Release 2008.0229:
* RT#32975: Add $h->{ix_serial} and $h->{ix_serial8}.

Release 2007.0914
* RT#29364: Fix problem identifying ESQL/C libraries.

Release 2007.0904:
* Bug fix and tidying up release - no new functionality.
* Simplified internal release processing
* Refixed support for ESQL/C 5.20.
* Report server version better (using DBINFO).
* Reworked some headers.
* Reworked ExtUtils::AutoInstall code.

Support email address:
* This release is supported by Jonathan Leffler <dbd.informix@gmail.com>.
* You may also report your bugs via the CPAN resolution tracking system:
* Such bug reports can be sent by email to bug-DBD-Informix@rt.cpan.org;
they also get sent to dbd.informix@gmail.com, etc.

As always, see the ChangeLog file for details about what has changed.

Jonathan Leffler (jleffler@us.ibm.com, jleffler@earthlink.net)

@(#)$Id: Announce,v 2008.2 2008/05/13 03:03:31 jleffler Exp $

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