On 2/10/06, d_roesler@agilent.com wrote:
Hi Henrik,

Are there any plans to support the n*char Unicode data types found in
Ingres 2.6 and higher? Or does this depend on some additional support in

Also, is there already away to get at data held in these data types that
I'm missing?
Hi Dennis (and anyone else using DBD::Ingres)

I have changed jobs 5 months ago. A nice change for me as my new job has
much more perl content and is more fun. But not a good change for
DBD::Ingres as I now no longer use Ingres on a daily basis (in fact not at
Because of this my supply of tuits for DBD::Ingres has run dry. This is a
pity, as it seems as if there is a lot of activity in the Ingres area now.

I would like for someone who uses Ingres regularly and who has the time and
knowledge to take over the maintenance of DBD::Ingres. Please step forward
if you want to take over!

Henrik Tougaard, Adapt A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark; www.adapt.dk
Maintainer of DBD::Ingres until somebody else takes over

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