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  • Rfrink at Dec 28, 2005 at 5:15 pm
    Excellent !

    Thanks for your help.


    These errors are to be expected. Your binaries should be fine.


    rfrink@theoccamgroup.com - 27/12/2005 21:36

    Please respond to rfrink@theoccamgroup.com
    To: mpeppler

    cc: dbi-users

    Subject: RE: DBD-Sybase 1.07, FreeTDS 0.63, HPUX 11.11: Build problem


    Thanks for the reply.

    I guess I assumed that since TDS supports the host+port that the Sybase
    DBD would also.

    After your reply, I tried the 'make test' again, with each ENV variable
    set that I could think of, and correct values in PWD. Still, it was not
    referencing the proper info. Next, I hardcoded the correct values into
    script in the "t" directory, and got it to complete, then installed it.

    At this point, since many tests failed, I am wondering if I have a
    Sybase-DBD module ? I am attaching the output of the last 'make test'.

    Thanks again for your assistance.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Michael Peppler
    Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 11:51 AM
    To: rfrink@theoccamgroup.com
    Cc: dbi-users@perl.org
    Subject: Re: DBD-Sybase 1.07, FreeTDS 0.63, HPUX 11.11: Build problem
    On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 11:34 -0500, Rick Frink wrote:

    I am trying to use freetds (0.63) as the library for DBD::Sybase
    (1.07) to communicate with MS SQL 2000 servers. After the build, it
    does not appear that DBD::Sybase reconizes the freetds config file
    (/usr/local/freetds/freetds.conf), in particular for defining which
    host+port make up the Server. I even tried it in the local `pwd`.
    importantly, 'make test' fails and will not complete the install.

    Also, the "connect" method complains about accepting host+port
    arguments, and seems to want a "Server", only. The manpage says it
    accepts host+port.

    If you read the man page completely you'll notice that the host+port
    connect() argument are only supported when using *Sybase* openclient
    12.5.1 or later. It is not supported with FreeTDS.

    I am operating in a HPUX 11.11 environment, and have the DBD::Sybase
    statically linked using the freetds libs. Without passing the 'make test'
    target, DBD::Sybase does not fully install (complains about not found
    in @INC). I am using Perl 5.8.7, and DBI-1.48. The "make test"
    appears to fail because it tries to use a non-existent (standard)
    Sybase server and connect params.
    Did you give it a valid server name during the configuration phase of the
    Is that server correctly defined in the freetds.conf file?
    Is the SYBASE env. variable set correctly to point at the FreeTDS

    Michael Peppler - mpeppler@peppler.org - http://www.peppler.org/
    DBA/Developer - TeamSybase: http://www.teamsybase.com/ Sybase on Linux

    (See attached file: SYBASE-DBD-make_test_9.log)

    This message and any attachments (the "message") is
    intended solely for the addressees and is confidential.
    If you receive this message in error, please delete it and
    immediately notify the sender. Any use not in accord with
    its purpose, any dissemination or disclosure, either whole
    or partial, is prohibited except formal approval. The internet
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    BNP PARIBAS (and its subsidiaries) shall (will) not
    therefore be liable for the message if modified.


    Ce message et toutes les pieces jointes (ci-apres le
    "message") sont etablis a l'intention exclusive de ses
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    message non conforme a sa destination, toute diffusion
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    message, dans l'hypothese ou il aurait ete modifie.

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