IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2005.01 (2005-03-14) has
been uploaded to CPAN.

IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl (also known as DBD::Informix) is
the driver code that enables Perl 5.6.1 or later to access Informix
databases via the DBI module (but if you are not already using Perl
5.8.5, you should be planning to upgrade to it). You will need the code
for DBI version 1.38 or later as well (v1.48 recommended). The code for
DBD::Informix is available for download via:


** When you successfully build this module, use the ItWorks (Perl)
** script to report your configuration to the maintenance team (meaning
** Jonathan Leffler) at dbd.informix@gmail.com.
** Note that ItWorks does not send email to anybody; you have to do that
** yourself.

New in release 2005.01:
* Various minor bug fixes made as reported - see ChangeLog.
* Release required to handle Informix ClientSDK 2.90, which includes
ESQL/C 2.90. The previous release (CSDK 2.81, included ESQL/C 9.51),
and the older DBD::Informix compilation based decisions off the ESQL/C
version, rejecting 2.90 as obsolete and unusable.
* Note that a number of obsolete versions of ESQL/C are no longer

Known problem:
* t/t91udts.t warns about an uninitialized variable on subroutine entry.

Support email address:
* This release is supported by Jonathan Leffler <dbd.informix@gmail.com>.
* You may also report your bugs via the CPAN resolution tracking system:
* Such bug reports can be sent by email to bug-DBD-Informix@rt.cpan.org;
they also get sent to dbd.informix@gmail.com, etc.

As always, see the ChangeLog file for details about what has changed.

Jonathan Leffler (jleffler@us.ibm.com, jleffler@earthlink.net)

@(#)$Id: Announce,v 2005.1 2005/03/14 23:23:15 jleffler Exp $

Jonathan Leffler (jleffler@us.ibm.com)
STSM, Informix Database Engineering, IBM Information Management Division
4100 Bohannon Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel: +1 650-926-6921 Tie-Line: 630-6921
"I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it!"

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