I noticed that DBD::Sybase 1.04_10 fails one test with a segfault when
built with DBI 1.45.
I have found and fixed the problem, and released a new dev. version that
is on its way to CPAN.

However - although 1.04 passes all its tests with DBI 1.45 I suspect
that the same issue exists in that version (some of the tests have
changed in the dev. version of DBD::Sybase), so you should beware of
upgrading DBI without testing DBD::Sybase thoroughly.

For those who are interested in the gory details - the problem is that
DBI 1.45 loops over the pre-allocated array used to store each row as it
is fetched to reset the UTF8 flag, and that DBD::Sybase would check and
fix the size of this array (when a new result set is started) only
*after* DBI does this check, instead of before.

Michael Peppler Data Migrations, Inc.
mpeppler@peppler.org http://www.peppler.org/
Sybase T-SQL/OpenClient/OpenServer/C/Perl developer available for short or
long term contract positions - http://www.peppler.org/resume.html

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