Has anyone noticed if Oracle's recent patch (SunOS 5.8 sun4u) made
it unnecessary to have a separate DBD::Oracle for Oracle 8i and for Oracle
9i client environments?

Here's a fragment that used to fail:
use Oraperl;
my $lda = &ora_login( "", "nm", "pw" );

It failed when the DBD::Oracle (admittedly a pretty old version) we used
was built with Oracle 8i client libraries,
but was run in an environment (ORACLE_HOME, LD_LIBRARY_PATH) pointing at
Oracle 9i client libraries.
At the &ora_login, $ora_errno=-1, $ora_errstr="ERROR OCIEnvInit"

We had success using the workarounds described on this list (lib->lib32,
etc. ... thanks, everyone!),
building a separate perl with a "Oracle 9i" DBD::Oracle.

But today while describing the problem to someone, I discovered that the
same code no longer fails.

I'm wondering if the culprit (ok, "hero") is our DBA's recent installation
of Oracle
Has anyone else noticed this? It'd be nice to be able to discard that
entire extra perl....

Randy Brown

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