This is off-topic for the DBI list, but DBI (and
CGI.pm) was such a core component of this application
that I just wanted to show my appreciation towards
those who contributed to DBI. Thanks Tim et all!

Query Express 2.4 data portal is available for
downloading. This is a very elegant but powerful
portal that allows analysts and developers to quickly
publish database queries to a web server.

If you are still installing Oracle client software on
your users' workstations and using Access or Excel to
retrieve data; or if you have no data portal and you
want to be able to allow end-users to get their own
data but control what SQL is run, then you should look
at Query Express.

Visit http://www.queryexpress.com where the full
system is running, pulling data from three sample
databases. If you don't want to take a test drive,
view the screenshots instead. One server can be the
portal to a hundred databases (but creating sample
data for three was enough for the demonstration).

- Light-weight and extremely fast web-based portal.
No client code or licenses.
- Existing SQL can be published to the central server
and made instantly available.
- One server will maintain connections to many
databases. All connections, protocols and passwords
are hidden from end-users.
- Server maintains a Library of queries and can also
integrate other documentation.
- Output in HTML or native Excel in a single click.
- Generate raw XML as a web service, or have the
server (or IE browser) process the XML with XSLT to
create sophisticated reports.

Visit and Download Query Express 2.4 for Oracle


Tom Hilbig

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